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Changing your skincare routine in winter: a game changer

Changing your skincare routine in winter: a game changer

It is often the case that the skin feels more dry in winter than in summer, despite the fact that you use the same products. The difference in humidity and the cold temperatures cause the condition of the skin to change. But the warm, and especially dry, air from the roaring heating when we are indoors can also cause dehydration of the skin. That's why it's important that you use products that give an extra hydration boost to your skin in winter. Here are some tips to make your skincare routine winter-proof!



During the holidays we are usually not averse to a nice make-up with the appropriate amount of glitter, but it is all the more important that you cleanse your skin properly afterwards. Many make-up removers contain alcohol or SLS, which dries out the skin. In the winter, this is the last thing your skin needs, so we always recommend that you go for a mild cleanser that does its job well. By cleaning your face with the Foaming Micellar Makeup Remover, you thoroughly remove your makeup and leave the skin hydrated. This is thanks to the pH-balancing and moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin and micellar.



After you have dealt with all the dirt and make-up residue, you can spoil your skin with an extra hydration boost. The rich texture of the Avocado Moisturizing Mask provides deep hydration and a glow for days. The mask can also be used as an over-night mask. Then apply a thin layer before bed and wake up the next morning with mega hydrated skin!



When your skin is completely boosted again, it's time to hydrate and protect it. This way your skin can retain moisture well and is protected against external influences. The Vitamin C Serum helps you with this! The hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting and deep hydration and the combination of Vitamince C + niacinamide has a lightening effect on the skin. This is how you walk with a radiant and smooth skin, all winter long!



Besides the fact that your face has to endure a lot, your eye contours can also use some extra care. The skin around the eyes is very thin and therefore fine lines quickly appear. Hydrate and take good care of the skin around your eyes with the Peptide Cooling Eye Cream!



Last but not least, nourishing your skin is a must when you suffer from winter dryness. The rich texture of the Hydrating Moisturizer ensures that everything is sealed and your skin remains well protected against the inclement weather. If you suffer from very dry skin, we recommend using it in the morning and evening. If you have oily or combination skin, it is best to use it before going to sleep to optimally hydrate your skin.


Especially for this we have released the Limited Edition Winter Set. This bundle contains the perfect products that will protect your skin against the seasons. Literally.

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