Why is SPF also important in winter?

Why is SPF also important in winter?

In the summer period we often see that we have to protect our skin from the sun, but a good SPF is also a must during the winter months. Nowadays, more and more people know that it is important to wear SPF daily, but keeping it up all year long is easier said than done... We would like to explain why this is so important. Here 6 reasons to use the Protecting Face Sunscreen SPF30 daily, even in winter!

Harmful sun rays

The "harmful" sun rays, called UVA rays, are also present in winter. These rays pass through clouds and glass, so you are still not safe indoors or on a drizzly day. These sun rays also penetrate much deeper into the skin, so they can cause more damage. Unlike UVB rays, which give you your tan, the UVA rays do not leave a trace that is visible to the unaided eye. That's why it's easy to forget they're there, but they do cause premature skin aging! That's why you are better off protecting your skin against these sun rays with a daily dose of SPF30. This way, we can postpone becoming a wrinkly raisin for a while.

Preventing and reducing wrinkles and fine lines

The sun is the number 1 cause of skin aging, so applying an SPF30 daily is certainly not an excessive luxury to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. But also for the prevention or reduction of pigment spots and skin sagging, protection against the sun is a must. Research has shown that sunscreen is crucial for protecting against visible skin aging. So it is certainly not wrong to put an SPF in your daily skin care routine. And do you want to be fully prepared? Then don't forget to also apply your sunblock to your neck and hands ;)

Risk piles up

A common misunderstanding when it comes to sun damage is that this only occurs when one has been exposed to the sun for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The harmful rays of the sun reach your skin at all times. It is therefore not only crucial to use sunscreen when you are baking in the sun all day, but also when you go for a quick grocery run, for example. The risk of skin damage due to the sun only increases during the day.


Air pollution

In addition to sun rays, air pollution is also a major culprit for the skin. This causes oxidation processes on the skin, which can result in accelerated skin aging. This is because more free radicals are formed and inflammatory factors play their part. Your skin is therefore very grateful if you use a moisturizing SPF with a minimum factor of 30. Cleansing the skin also plays a major role in this. Use a cleanser with antioxidants for maximum skin benefits.

Want to know more about which factor to use? Read the blog.

Infrared and daylight

In addition to UVA and UVB radiation, infrared light is also out to age your skin. We don't just let this happen, but we have to honestly say that an SPF alone is not going to do the job. The filters in a sunscreen do not provide enough protection against infrared light. But antioxidants are your besties when it comes to this! That is why the combination with a Vitamin C Serum is amazing. The antioxidants in the serum will protect against this part of the light and the SPF will deal with the UVA and UVB rays. A power combo!

Blue light

Although we are very happy that almost everyone now knows how important it is to protect yourself from the sun's rays, our current mission is to raise awareness about the damage that blue light causes to the skin. Nowadays, you can't escape it, we stare at our screens all day long. Super nice that we are connected all the time, but your skin is less happy with it sometimes. Blue light causes an acceleration in the process of photoaging, which is literally the aging process caused by exposure to light. When you are exposed to this blue light for a longer period of time (hi smartphone addicts ;), you even run the risk of deeper skin problems such as discolorations, inflammation or a weakened skin barrier. So you might understand why, in addition to a UV filter, we have also added a blue light filter to our Protecting Face Sunscreen SPF30. This way you are protected against the sun and all the screens around you during the day!

A little tip: reapply the sunscreen regularly throughout the day. Do you wear makeup? No stress! Our sunscreen doesn't leave a white cast, so you can just reapply it over your makeup ;)

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