Hyaluronic Acid

Our bodies produce hyaluronic acid naturally, but an extra boost of it in your skincare never hurts. It mainly makes sure water is retained to keep your skin hydrated. It has even been proved that it can help wound healing. Therefore, this ingredient can definitely not be missed in your skincare products. Find our products with hyaluronic acid here.


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Crème de Jour Hydratante | 75mlCrème de Jour Hydratante | 75ml
Crème de Jour Hydratante | 75ml Prix de vente€29.95
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Sérum à la vitamine C Sérum à la vitamine C
Sérum à la vitamine C Prix de vente€39.95
Economisez 10%
Tonique + Sérum Vitamine CTonique + Sérum Vitamine C
Tonique + Sérum Vitamine C Prix de vente€58.00 Prix normal€64.50
Economisez 20%
L’ensemble Glow UpL’ensemble Glow Up
L’ensemble Glow Up Prix de vente€73.00 Prix normal€90.80
Best SellerEconomisez 25%
Forfait jour et nuitForfait jour et nuit
Forfait jour et nuit Prix de vente€112.00 Prix normal€149.80
Economisez 10%
Impurities BundleImpurities Bundle
Impurities Bundle Prix de vente€85.00 Prix normal€94.85
Economisez 10%
Retinol + MoisturizerRetinol + Moisturizer
Retinol + Moisturizer Prix de vente€72.00 Prix normal€79.90
NewEconomisez 9%
Exfoliant + MoisturizerExfoliant + Moisturizer
Exfoliant + Moisturizer Prix de vente€50.00 Prix normal€54.90
NewEconomisez 20%
Clear Skin SetClear Skin Set
Clear Skin Set Prix de vente€96.00 Prix normal€119.80
NEWEconomisez 10%
Moisturizer + NiacinamideMoisturizer + Niacinamide
Moisturizer + Niacinamide Prix de vente€54.00 Prix normal€59.90