Skincare trend of the moment: Multi-Masking

Skincare trend of the moment: Multi-Masking

With Multi-Masking, the name says it all, you use multiple masks for different parts of the face. This is because the skin does not always have the same needs in each area. Therefore, it is useful to know how Multi-Masking should be used for different skin types. you can do the skin test to find out what your skin type is.


Multi-Masks for Combination Skin:


Combination skin is the most common skin type. Combined skin contains different characteristics. For example, combined skin has oily and dry areas.  these areas also need different types of care.

Common features of combined skin is an oily T-zone surrounded by dryer areas. The pink clay mask is perfect for deep cleansing the skin in the T-zone. This mask removes dirt from clogged pores and counteracts impurities. In addition, the Avocado mask also moisturizes the drier areas of your face at the same time. The combination of these two creators creates the perfect glow where both areas can be targeted at the same time.


Multi-Masks for tired skin around the eyes and forehead:


When the skin has a tired appearance then the skin looks and feels a bit dryer and duller. In addition, this can also feel very uncomfortable and dark spots can appear around the eyes.

The avocado mask provides a deep hydration boost around the eyes. In also, the mask creates firmer and more elastic skin. In addition to the avocado mask around the eyes and forehead, the Pink Clay mask can be applied to the other parts of the face. This ensures that excess fat is reduced in these areas while counteracting impurities.


Multi-Masks for Dull Skin: 


Especially with the cold days, many people suffer from dull skin. Dull skin can be recognized because it feels lifeless, flat and rough. This can occur because there are too many dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This can result in an uneven skin tone, redness and sensitivity.  To restore the skin's natural glow, it is important to properly target the skin by properly moisturizing and detoxifying.


The Pink Clay Mask allows dead skin cells to loosen more easily and be replaced by underlying, new, fresh and healthy cells. By removing these dead skin cells, the skin regains its natural glow. Because the Pink Clay Mask contains a large amount of antioxidants, the skin also needs hydration after this. The Avocado mask ensures that the skin gets enough moisture and feels hydrated in no time. In addition, the above combination gives the skin an unprecedented GLOW!

TIP: for ultimate results, you can leave the Avocado mask on overnight.

Overall, The LIMITED EDITION Multi-Masking set is for every skin type, but the way it is applied is unique. So you will know what suits your skin, tackle multiple skin problems at once and have a radiant skin again in no time.

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