3 reasons why you need the Multi-Masking Set

3 reasons why you need the Multi-Masking Set

We recently launched the Multi-Masking Set and it includes our Pink Clay Mask and Avocado Moisturizing Mask. Although these are not completely new products, they are extra handy in this set! Definitely a must-have or must-give for the perfect skincare routine. Here are three reasons why we are convinced that this item will complete your skincare routine.

  1. Original to give as a present

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone you love? Then the Multi-Mask Set is the perfect present! Because it contains masks in a compact size that are both suitable for every skin type, so you can never go wrong. In addition, it is also super original, because the time when we gave the standard bath foam sets as a gift has really passed. With this set you give someone a wonderful self-care moment and great skin care in a present. Amazing to give (or receive ;).


  1. Perfect try-out

Are you curious about our masks, but not sure which one will work best for you? Then you can try them both with the Multi-Mask Set for the price of one! This way you have both masks in the perfect size to test them out for a while and see which one you like best. In addition, you can also continue to use them both, at the same time! We call this multi-masking. Of course it didn't get this name by accident.


  1. The best of both worlds

The masks in the Multi-Masking Set both address different skin concerns. The Pink Clay Mask is a proper detox for your skin and tackles impurities and redness. This one is best suited for the oilier areas of your skin. The Avocado Moisturizing Mask, on the other hand, is the perfect hydration boost for the skin. It is best to apply this one to the drier spots in the face for some extra care and hydration. Because most of the times your face does not have the same condition everywhere, these two are great to use together when you are multi-masking!

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