Why you will LOVE the NEW BHA/AHA Exfoliant

Discover the Power of the BHA/AHA Exfoliant

This exfoliant uses strong but gentle ingredients like 2% Salicylic Acid and 1% natural AHAs to make your skin brighter and smoother. But don't worry – we didn't forget about those with sensitive skin! We added Glycerin and Chamomile Extract to make sure our formula is super gentle. This BHA/AHA exfoliant will give you your most glowing skin yet! It gently removes dead skin cells, reduces blackheads and improves the overall texture of your skin.

Why your skin will Love it? Let's discover it!


Why others LOVE it


Experienced improved skin texture and smoother skin*


Experienced less impurities*


Experienced a reduction of clogged pores*

3 reasons you will love it too!

Reason 1

Reduces Impurities, Blackheads and Unclogs Pores

With its exfoliating properties, this treatment helps diminish blackheads and unclogs pores, preventing future breakouts.

Reason 2

Gently Removes Dead Skin Cells

The combination of Salicylic Acid and Natural AHA complex effectively removes dead skin cells, unveiling a fresher, more radiant skin surface.

Reason 3

Improves Skin Texture and Smoothness

Experience refined skin texture and smoother skin with regular use, bidding farewell to rough patches and unevenness.

Powerful Formula

2% Salicylic Acid (BHA)

1% AHA Complex


Chamomille Extract

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