First of all, congratulations! You or someone you know is pregnant and you are looking for new skincare products. Nothing too complicated, but there are some important things to consider. Pregnant women preferably want to stay away from retinol (vitamin A) and arbutin (+ derivatives). However, there are other ingredients that might be very nice for the skin to use during pregnancy, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C (instead of arbutin) or sunscreen with sufficient SPF. It can be a lot of work to deep-dive into all the ingredients of beauty products. That’s why we did it for you! Below, you can find all products that are nice and safe for the pregnant woman.


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Sérum à la vitamine C Sérum à la vitamine C
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Protecting face sunscreen SPF 30 | 50mlProtecting face sunscreen SPF 30 | 50ml
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Ensemble pour le quotidienEnsemble pour le quotidien
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