Alpha Hydroxy Acids, also called AHAs, are used more frequently since multiple researches have concluded their benefits for the skin. Some of the amazing benefits it has to offer are fighting the dry skin and leaving the texture looking smooth and glowy. It also helps reduce multiple skin concerns, such as wrinkles, impurities and even sun damage. An ingredient that we had to include in our skincare. We have displayed here for you which products contain AHAs.


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Nettoyant Pour le Visage Nettoyant Pour le Visage
Nettoyant Pour le Visage Prix de vente€24.95
Gommage Visage Exfoliant | 100mlGommage Visage Exfoliant | 100ml
Gommage Visage Exfoliant | 100ml Prix de vente€19.95
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Mousse Micellaire Démaquillante | 150 mlMousse Micellaire Démaquillante | 150 ml
NewEconomisez 9%
Exfoliant + MoisturizerExfoliant + Moisturizer
Exfoliant + Moisturizer Prix de vente€50.00 Prix normal€54.90
NewEconomisez 20%
Clear Skin SetClear Skin Set
Clear Skin Set Prix de vente€96.00 Prix normal€119.80
BHA/AHA ExfoliantBHA/AHA Exfoliant
BHA/AHA Exfoliant Prix de vente€24.95