Vitamin C boost for body and skin

Vitamin C boost for body and skin

In a previous blog from Clay And Glow you were able to read the benefits of the Vitamin C Serum. Now we are going to tell you why Vitamin C is not only good for you skin but alsof for your body. 

Vitamin C is one of the vitamin. Vitamin C has an antioxidant function in the body and is necessary for various factors in the body.

We've listed them below:

  • The formation of connective tissue

Did you know that we are actually made up of connective tissue? Collagen is the main component of that connective tissue (as much as 70%), which surrounds and supports all organs. In vitamin C deficiency, collagen bundles are not properly linked together, resulting in them falling apart. It is therefore very important that you pay attention to your vitamin C intake.

  • Iron in your body

I hear you thinking… Vitamin C doesn't make iron, does it? No, that's not true! Vitamin C causes the absorption of iron. Iron deficiency is common. With the help of vitamin C you can in any case positively influence the absorption.

  • Resistance

Vitamins are good for your resistance anyway, but Vitamin C jumps far above that. It stimulates the formation of white blood cells. White blood cells are an important part of our resistance. As you notice, it is not only one of the vitamins but also a very important one for your body.

Vitamin C is also a good one to add to your skin care. We now use it in our Vitamin C serum. Using a high dose of vitamin C helps to prevent skin aging. Without vitamin C, your skin cannot produce collagen. Collagen is a protein that makes your skin firm and elastic. Something you want to prevent skin aging. It also helps with pigmentation spots and wrinkles.

Can you use too much vitamin C?

When you have to much Vitamin C in your body you will pee it out immediately. However, you can get complaints if you get too much of this vitamin. More than 2 grams of vitamin C can lead to intestinal symptoms of diarrhea. 

Tip! Make sure to use Vitamin C but too much is never a good idea.


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