Dermatologically Tested VS. Approved

Dermatologically Tested VS. Approved


Most of us have come across the term “dermatologically tested” or “dermatologically approved” when looking for new skincare products. However, you might not know what it actually means or what the difference is between them. These terms are used quite frequently and are pretty important. But don’t worry babe, we're here to help and explain all the facts!

So what does it mean?

“Dermatologically approved” means that a dermatologist carefully analyses how the skin will react towards the product, its ingredients and for any development of allergic effects. This test is usually being done by and on the dermatologist him or herself. The dermatologist will test the product on his or her own skin and based on his/her conclusion it will be determined if the product is safe or not.


A product that is labeled as “dermatologically tested” has a more complex and prolonged process. These tests are being done on healthy human volunteers in certified laboratories. The tests assure that the formula being developed is safe for the skin and that the finished product is well tolerated and does not create any skin reactions. According to European legislations, the tests that are being conducted are called “Patch Tests”. These tests take place over a period of about a week with a group of at least 15 volunteers under controlled conditions. During the first appointment tiny patches are applied on the back of the volunteer and kept in place with a special hypoallergenic adhesive tape. These patches stay in place undisturbed for 48 hours. During the second appointment (two days later), the patches will be removed and sometimes new ones are applied for further research. During the final day, the dermatologist will carefully analyse the results and look for signs of the negative reactions on the skin.   

patch test on patient

All of our Clay And Glow products are “Dermatologically Approved” and our scrub is also “Dermatologically Tested”. We are currently in the process of dermatologically testing all of our products.

To sum it all up, when a product is “dermatologically approved”, the product is tested and analysed on and by the dermatologist him- or herself and makes his / her own conclusion if the product is safe or not based on his/her professional opinion. When a product is “dermatologically tested”, the ingredients of a product are being tested on other volunteers in certified laboratories through various kinds of tests. It is important to look for these icons when looking for skincare products, as it ensures the products are safe and free of harsh ingredients, and that they have been tested on the skin and have been approved by a dermatologist.  

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