From a mask to an accessory

From a mask to an accessory

Is your Pink Clay Mask empty? Recycle the packaging!

The packaging of the mask is made of glass. What a shame it is to throw the jar away when there are so many different ways to recycle it. We have already shown it on TikTok, but we will list it here again.

How do you clean the jar?

You can only recycle the jar if it's completely clean. So the first step, is to remove the remaining clay that is inside the jar. The best way to do this, is to use warm water. Make sure that no product remains in the glass jar.

Recycle way #1: Use it as a cotton swab holder


This jar is perfect for keeping your cotton buds organized together. It also looks great in your bathroom.

Recycle way #2: Use it to store your cotton pads

Cotton Wool

In this way you keep your cotton pads dry, clean and neatly together. Easy to refill.

Recycle way #3: Use it to keep your jewelry together


Do you always leave your jewelry lying everywhere? As you can see, our Clay And Glow jar is not only useful for things in the bathroom but also to keep your jewelry together.

Recycle way #4: Use it as a pen tray

 Pen holder

The most easy and fun way to keep your pens all together. A glowy addition to your desk. 

We are curious how you recycle our jars. Feel free to share your ideas with us on Instagram @clayandglow



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