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Oily Skin

Having an oily skin can be difficult. Your skin is oily all the time and it feels like sweating. Oily skin is often also acne-prone. That's why we might have the perfect product for you. Our detoxifying Pink Clay Mask, cleanse the pores at a deeper level, so that excess sebum no longer has a chance to clog pores. This will reduce the visibility of your impurities. Win-win!

Here are the top ingredients you should add to your routine.

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Your personalised routine

Our experts have tailored a personalized skincare routine based on your skin test responses and your skin's unique needs.

With careful analysis, we've selected products to address your concerns and optimize skin health. Trust in our expertise as we guide you on your skincare journey.

I absolutely love this mask! My skin is super smooth and it feels super refreshed! I definitely recommend using this mask, especially for those who have oily skin

Mira, The Netherlands

Such a great mask, love it. I use it twice a week!

Aniek, The Netherlands

A pimple, impurities, whiteheads? My saviour! Every freaking time… LOVE this stuff ❤️

Seran, the Netherlands