What is hyperpigmentation and what can you do about it?

What is hyperpigmentation and what can you do about it?

The word says it all, hyperpigmentation is an excess of color that can be in the skin. Pigment is a type of brown dye, which provides the color in your skin. Sometimes it happens that people create more pigment in certain places in their skin and as a result get darker spots. This is also called hyperpigmentation. Did you know that people are sometimes estimated to be more than 12 years older due to having pigment spots?! That's not what we're going for at Clay And Glow, so here are some tips to prevent or tackle hyperpigmentation.

How does hyperpigmentation develop?

Hyperpigmentation is caused by too much melanin being produced by the skin cells. Melanin provides the color in your skin, but it can happen that there is overproduction of this substance in some places in the skin. This can cause the melanin to 'clump' causing darker spots on the skin's surface. The exact cause of overproduction and hyperpigmentation is often different. If you suffer from this, it is best to let a specialist check it out.

What else can you do to tackle or prevent hyperpigmentation?

Use an SPF

By applying a sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF every day, you can not only prevent the sun from damaging your skin but you can also regulate existing discoloration. And that's exactly why we love the Protecting Face Sunscreen SPF 30 at Clay And Glow. If you apply this every day, your skin will certainly thank you. It only takes 30 minutes in the sun to affect your skin to such an extent that you have applied a whole month for nothing! For us, the SPF certainly has a permanent place in the skincare routine.

Use the right ingredients

There are a number of ingredients in skincare products that protect your skin from hyperpigmentation or even help to brighten the skin. If you have read our other blogs, you know that we are huge fans of the Vitamin C Serum when it comes to pigment in the skin. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants and hunts free radicals down like no other. Research has also shown that vitamin C strengthens the skin's natural defense system. This way it supports the skin from the inside and can therefore contribute to your glow from the outside!

Second on de ingredient list of our Vitamin C serum (after vitamin C ofcourse ;) comes niacinamide. And let that also be a winner if you suffer from hyperpigmentation or want to prevent it. It ensures that the melanosomes that are on their way to the surrounding skin cells are stopped. This allows niacinamide to make a good contribution to the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Use a good exfoliant

Regularly exfoliating the skin removes the dead skin layer. This can be done, for example, by using the Jojoba Exfoliating Face Scrub once or twice a week. As a result, the skin will continue to regenerate itself and will turn into more evenly colored skin.

Be consistent and patient

It may be obvious, but it is crucial that you are consistent with your skincare and remain patient. Unfortunately, hyperpigmentation does not go away after one day of using the right skincare, although that would be very nice. That is why it is important that you continue to follow your skincare routine every day and then you will see that there are definitely results in the long term. Even if you do not suffer from hyperpigmentation yet, preventing is always better than curing. So in this case, continue to protect your skin against external and internal influences.


Intrigued and want to get started? Sorting out all the right products can be quite the task, so we did it for you. View your perfect skincare products for hyperpigmentation here.

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