Everything about clay in a face mask

Everything about clay in a face mask

Clay has been around for years in the beauty industry. People use clay to clear and heal the skin. But it might be longer around then you can imagine. The Greeks and Romans have been using it in their skincare routine for a long time and the Ancient Man has been using it for their wounded animals to heal their scars and wounds. But what does clay do in a facemask, what are the pros and which kinds of clays are the best for the skin? You will find out in this blog!

The pros
You can’t go around it anymore, clay has a lot of pros for the skin. The clay will kill bacteria, will detoxify the skin, unclog your pores and keep your oily skin balanced.  Clay is enormous effective for an oily, impurity prone skin. Because the clay works as a detoxifier, the clay will leave your skin glowy. Clay is also efficient for a dry skin tone; it will unclogger your pores and detoxify your skin.

What kinds or clays exist?
All over the world you can find clay, so there are a lot of different kinds of clays. All with another structure, texture and colors. The colors are not made of pigments, but are colored by nature. That’s why there are different colors like green, red and pink clays!

Difference in the clays
The best known clay kinds are bentonite and kaolin. Bentonite is a volcanoes clay and is known as an absorpant clay. The clay absorb all the dirt and oil from the pores. That is why it is mostly used for oily, impurity prone skin types. Because we didn’t want to exclude anyone for our mask, we didn’t include the bentonite.

We did use kaolin as a base for our clay mask. Kaolin is known as a less absorbent clay, but that will declogger the pores and leave your skin glowy. The kaolin clay is also approachable for the more dry, sensitive skin. That is why we included it in our mask, so that every skin type can enjoy the benefits of the clay in our pink clay mask!


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