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Consistency is the key to glowy skin

Consistency is the key to glowy skin

People often expect to see immediate results after using a (new) skincare product. Unfortunately, in most cases it does not work that way and our skin needs time to adapt and renew itself. In this blog you can read more about how a consistent approach can help you achieve results with your skincare, what the pitfalls are of using too many products, and learn which beginner's routine you can start with right away.  

The skin cycle   

How long it can take skincare products to produce visible results is often underestimated. The skin takes an average of 28 days to renew itself. For this reason, it is important to use a (new) product consistently for at least between four to six weeks. During this period, you give the skin cells a chance to renew themselves and make the results of the products visible.  

Less is more   

So to really give your skincare a chance, consistency in your routine is essential. Use products at the recommended frequency, even if the effects are not immediately visible. It can be tempting to use multiple new products to get results faster but be careful with this. More is not necessarily better and overuse can cause irritation and sensitivity. The risk of using too many skin care products is that you can overload your skin barrier. Read up carefully on how to use the products and build up slowly.   

Where to start?   

No idea where to start? Our Daily set is specially formulated so you can take care of your skin every day in an accessible way. With the routine below you can easily get started.   

Step 1: Micellar makeup remover   

Always start by cleansing your face. Our micellar makeup remover removes dirt and makeup while hydrating and softening the skin. Pump a small amount onto your hands and apply to damp face. Massage gently and rinse off with water. Repeat the process when you are in full glam.   

Step 2: Hyaluronic acid toner   

In step two, you use the hyaluronic acid toner. Using the toner reduces the visibility of your pores and removes the last remnants of dirt from the skin. Use a cotton ball to apply the toner to your face with or apply a few drops to your hand and then dab it into the skin. Use the toner once or twice a day for best results.  

Step 3: Vitamin C serum   

Next, apply 2 to 3 drops of the vitamin C serum to damp skin. Massage the serum into your skin for a brighter, smoother look. The serum has moisturizing properties and combats hyperpigmentation.   

Step 4: Moisturizer    

Finish the routine with our moisturizer. This hydrating moisturizer is formulated to hydrate and nourish your skin on two levels: the epidermis and the dermis. Use several pumps of this moisturizer every morning and evening. Don't forget to lubricate your neck as well.     


Stay true to your daily routine and give your skin time to recover. Cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin every day. It takes patience, but the reward is healthy, glowy skin.   


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