Clay masks: The biggest mistakes YOU make too!

Clay masks: The biggest mistakes YOU make too!

How do clay masks work?

Before using any clay mask it is important to always cleanse your skin first before starting your clay mask routine. Next, after taking a warm shower, your pores will start to open up which will maximise the benefits of the product. 

It is important to know that your clay mask works in 3 stages. 

  • The wet stage: the power ingredients of our clay mask will start to make their way into your skin. But don’t worry babe this is only good news.
  • The cleansing stage: is when the mask starts to harden and where you start to notice the ‘pull’ feeling of the mask. In this stage all of the nutrients of the mask get absorbed by your skin while at the same time stimulating blood circulation. Let’s get rid of those impurities. 
  • The hardening stage: is when the clay mask completely hardens and the mask feels extra ‘tight’ on your skin, which is what you want to avoid. So listen up babes! The golden rule is: remove the mask before it starts to feel ‘tight’. If the mask is left on for too long, the skin might loose some protective layers and becomes dehydrated. Finally, use our hydrating moisturiser to finish off your mask routine and achieve that famous GLOW.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid while using the Clay and Glow Pink Clay Mask.


Mistake #1: Applying the clay mask before you shower 

As much as we love to just step into the shower and wash off that clay mask, we recommend to apply our Pink Clay Mask after you shower. Why? After a warm shower your pores will open up which will help our clay mask to do its job more effectively. Which means: to get that amazing glow!


mask with application brushMistake #2: Not using clean tools to apply your clay mask

Dirty hands can hold allot of germs, bacteria, and other oils we don’t want anywhere near our skin. It’s very important that if you are using your hands, that they are clean before applying your clay mask. However, we do not recommend you using your fingers to apply the Pink Clay Mask But rather use the Clay and Glow Application Brush to ensure a clean application.


Mistake #3: Over-masking 

Never forget girls; “Less is more!”. If you use a detoxifying mask too often, there may be adverse affects of dehydrating your skin. This rule also applies for using a super-think layer of clay onto your face. This won’t result in a more effective masking session, but unfortunately dries out the skin more. We recommend those with a normal-to-oily skin type to mask 2 - 3 times per week, and those with a dry skin type, once a week. 


Mistake #4: Don't use hydrating products afterwards

Are you in the habit of moisturizing immediately after using a clay mask? It's time to rethink that step. Applying moisturizer right after a clay mask can hinder its pore-cleansing effects and disrupt your skin's natural moisture balance. By skipping moisturizer for at least 15-30 minutes post-mask, you allow your skin to fully absorb the benefits of the clay mask and enhance the effectiveness of subsequent skincare treatments. Embrace this simple tweak to your routine and unlock a radiant, refreshed complexion.


To sum it all up to get the most out of your Clay and Glow mask! Shower first and then mask, take your time and don’t rush, make sure to our Application Brush to apply the clay mask, don’t over-mask; less is more babe! Apply the mask gently onto the face and never rub it in!



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