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3 ways to use the Holographic Beauty Bag

3 ways to use the Holographic Beauty Bag

How cute is this holographic bag? And even more fun; it's now also available on our website! In this blogpost we would like to tell you in which ways you can use the new Holographic Beauty Bag. Read more:

1 | Travel Bag

Of course, you can use the Holographic Bag as a toiletry bag. The colorful bag is large enough for your skincare or makeup routine, but compact enough to take with you in your carry-on. Even better, it's also suitable to take with you in your handbag with your favorite essentials in it, such as the Protecting Face Sunscreen SPF 30 and Cooling Eye Cream.

2 | Pencil Case

The Holographic Beauty Bag also looks great on your desk or in your school/work bag. For example, there's enough space for all your pens and pencils, scissors, triangle and even for a sharpener. All those cheerful colors will immediately make your day! 

3 | Storage

You can also use the colorful bag if you just want to store your daily skincare favorites somewhere. By storing your daily routine in the bag, you can be sure that you don't miss a single step! In this way you can easily zip the bag up and take it with you in your bag or suitcase if you're ready to leave for the weekend. 

Do you already know what you will use the holographic bag for? 


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